What is Gamification in iGaming CRMs?

CRM is customer relationship management, and it’s a strategy that’s suitable for managing interactions with customers. It includes new as well as existing customers. CRM systems are being adopted by the majority of businesses because it helps them optimize consumer interactions. According to research, if a business spends a dollar on CRM software, it can get returns of around $8.71.

It means that the ROI is exceptional, and more than 90% of users have reported improvement in customer experience. It clearly shows that CRM is an important aspect for businesses. Similarly, CRM gamification is a great blend, and we are sharing all about its uses in iGaming. To be precise, in this article our focus will be on gamification in CRMs, including the iGaming industry!

Understanding Gamification in CRM

Gamification is the process of leveraging game mechanics, such as moving to the next level and earning points. These mechanics are used for non-gaming situations. For instance, with CRM gamification, the gamification elements are used for different parts of customer relationship management.

For instance, if there are two sales teams. The first team has set targets and has access to a dashboard to track their performance and keep an eye on analytics. As a result, the team members will be able to manage their daily calls as well as duties, making it easier to reach the performance targets.

On the other hand, the second team has a gamified experience. For instance, completing a task or making calls will earn them points. Similarly, when they sign a deal with the customers, they earn rewards or level up. This leveling up will encourage them to work more productively and have healthy competition. In fact, the option to redeem coins for material rewards will keep them going. Having said that, you can imagine which team will be successful.

It is because gamification CRM will encourage the team members to improve their tasks and lead to more fun. In addition, they will be ready to play and work in a fun environment. The best thing about gamification is that there is no one-sided communication with employees. Similar to traditional gaming, it will attract people as it’s interactive and provides proper context. The context is provided in the form of narratives and storylines, and people engaging can earn rewards.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that gamification is pretty practical as it has the ability to enhance productivity in the workplace. Even more, it will lead to more physical activity. One of the best benefits of iGaming CRM is that it improves customer loyalty as well as retention. It’s constantly inspiring people to connect with the content and gain value. That’s because it takes away the mundane tasks.

It’s important to add that some companies are still concerned about gamification engines because they don’t have the clarity. They don’t know what gamification CRM can provide them with and how it can be deployed. In addition, they aren’t clear about the benefits of using this CRM for customers and businesses. However, they need to understand that proper implementation of CRM gamification solutions will help businesses reach the 7th sky.

The Benefits and Challenges Associated with CRM Gamification

We have already mentioned that proper implementation of CRM gamification tools can bring a lot of value and benefits to businesses. To begin with, the businesses will have access to accurate information, and external business interactions with businesses will be positive. As a result, businesses can ensure 100% satisfied customers and reduce the churn rate.

However, there is a fair share of challenges associated with CRM, but the benefits always outweigh the challenges.

CRM Gamification Benefits

Every business wants to know what benefits and value they will get by incorporating a new tool into their system. That’s because incorporating a new tool takes a lot of resources and time. So, to help you out, we are sharing the benefits.

  • More Factually Correct Information
    The info that is in a CRM system or platform is what makes it useful. An issue with CRM systems that many people know about is that workers often forget to add new information to them. By making this part into a game, workers are more likely to keep the system up to date, which leads to more accurate data and a stronger tool.
  • Satisfied Customers and Workers
    CRM systems let businesses put all of their important customer data in one place. This way, team members who interact with customers in different ways can use the customer history that is easily available in the CRM platform to make customers happy. Customers and employees are both happier when CRM is turned into a game. Customers are happier because they get the right information and services, and employees are happier because they have all the tools they need to meet their goals.
  • Less Customer Turnover and More Loyal Customers
    When you add games to your CRM, your workers will be more interested and motivated, which will lead to better interactions with customers. When you’re looking for new deals, many businesses forget to talk to their current customers. But if you make this part of the game, it can become an important part of your plan to keep them.
  • More Deals and a Better Pipeline
    Employees who work in a gamified workplace are much more driven to close more deals, talk to more potential customers, and put in more effort to reach their goals than they might be otherwise because CRM gaming makes this process fun and easy.

The Risks

When it comes down to gamification in Salesforce or any other CRM, we need to understand that there is a bit of risk. To begin with, the most significant one is using the wrong gamification platform. In this case, the gamification element will be a distraction rather than a motivator. The risk is easier to manage and mitigate when you implement the correct gamification platform. It’s recommended to choose a purpose-driven and a business-centric option to ensure proper results.

This risk is essential to consider because some of them don’t have industry-standard security and safety features. As a result, the security framework will be an absolute disaster. So, make sure that you research the available options properly because security risks are huge.

Benefits of Implementing CRM Gamification for Contact Centres

When CRM is turned into a game, it can really make a difference in contact centres and business process outsourcing (BPOs). This can help workers reach even the highest KPIs by getting them more involved. Gamifying CRM can also help call centres and business process outsourcing (BPOs) keep good workers, train new ones well, and change the culture of the company.

Gamified goals, guided performance feedback, and personalized micro-learning can inspire frontline workers in sales, customer service, and other areas. This can improve handle times and resolution rates, boost sales, and make customers happier. It should be fun and get things done at the same time. Peer and manager praise can encourage and inspire agents.

Agents can also be given badges for reaching certain goals and earn points for sharing social knowledge. You can trade these virtual awards in for real-world rewards like company swag if you want to. There is a clear link between making CRM games for call centers and tangible business outcomes. For instance, the users’ output went up by 12%, their CSAT and FCR scores went up by 15%, and their early turnover went down by 30%.

5 Tips For Successful Gamification of CRM

iGaming or casino CRM are widely used, and gamification is actually a great tool for organizations. The only issue is that it has to be implemented correctly. So, if you are new to this, we are sharing how to use CRM gamification successfully.

  1. Giving Rewards for Meeting Business Goals
    Connect KPIs and goals to things you can do in the game. Employees are getting results and getting closer to their KPIs every time they meet gamified goals (like getting to new levels or earning more coins) that are linked to their business metrics. In addition, the high roller rewards and VIP player rewards will keep everyone hooked.
  2. Working Together and Competing In A Fun Way
    Gamification can be used to get people on a team to work together and compete with each other in a nice way. These are both useful tools for getting things done, and they can be done at the same time if CRM gaming is done right.
  3. Personalized Experience
    The best gamification platforms let you customize experiences for each employee, making sure that their path is useful, inspiring, and fun. The person, their team, and the company as a whole will all do better because of this.
  4. Use Games To Bring People Together
    One thing that often suffers from the fast pace of business today is the relationship and communication between managers and workers. Adding games to CRM can get people to connect with it more, get honest and helpful feedback, and make sure that no employee gets left behind.
  5. Customized Narratives
    Some platforms that turn CRM into games let you make your own material. Of course, this is even more interesting for workers, who can now connect with each other even more deeply.

The Best Gamification Tools for iGaming

When it comes down to casino gamification or other games, the businesses need to know the best tools, such as;

  1. Loyalty and Gamification
    Ever since the bidding and casino market was launched, casinos have been known to reward their VIP and loyal customers with rewards and special points. For instance, a player is given two points whenever they spend $5 on tables and slots. This idea has been picked up by online casinos. However, rather than giving them loyalty points, they get in-game currency, so players have their own treasure as they play. They can spend this money to purchase stuff from virtual stores, including free spins and bonuses.
  2. Leader boards
    The leader board maker is another tool being used by online casinos because it helps people poke their inner competitiveness. As a result, their experience will be more focused and immersive. Not to forget, the free leader board software has a proper structure, which makes it suitable for players with different advancement levels.

    They also have a variety of slot games, which can be used to climb up the board. It means your performance will be directly proportional to the prizes you can win. In fact, some casinos also help players showcase their scores on social media pages.
  3. Mission Centric Accomplishments
    When it comes down to creating an immersive gaming experience, missions are an important part. These elements are the same as shooter games and role-play games. The missions can be available in different shapes, such as adding a cool hero or providing in-game activities or tasks.
  4. Social Media Gaming
    iGaming has given popularity to gamification as well, which has opened ways for social media gaming. iGaming helped them determine potential engagement from users, spending on in-game purchases, and the number of players. In addition, it focuses on how multiple game elements will impact the gaming experience.

The Possibility of Revenue Generation

Gamification can also help businesses generate revenue. That’s because, as a player, your engagement loyalty isn’t the only benefit because they open up a revenue stream for iGaming businesses. That’s because when players are fully indulged in the game, they also make in-app purchases, which increase the overall revenue of the operations.

Secondly, when you play more, you start talking about the experiences even more, which brings new players to the platform. As a result, the company will generate more income. Not to forget, gamification will provide opportunities related to ads. For instance, when products are promoted within the games and ads are hosted, the revenue only increases.

The Bottom Line

CRM is an important part of the business environment, especially in this modern age. Having said that, gamification makes sure that employees and customers will be able to maximize their experiences and benefits. So, when are you incorporating it into the iGaming platform?

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